Why switch to b2b premium service Instead free business listing

Premium membership is a rewarded subscription service, that helps transform a small, mid and semi-large size business and services to get a mainstream business and help get connected to potential business partners, importers, and buyers from across the globe.

Whenever you come across premium service page on business to business sites, you must be thinking of why go to the paid service when you are receiving good business queries from free service?

Premium service provides unlimited access to advanced business services. It's strategy help in transforming small, mid, and large business globally. But, it is essential to:  

1. Be a member of B2B premium Services from one of the fastest growing B2B Marketplace

2. Be a member of a site that helps you instantly find, communicate and collaborate with your network

3. Be on a platform that is mobile compatible and keep you informed with updates.



Premium membership is a rewarded subscription service, that helps transform a small, mid and semi-large size business and services to get a mainstream business and help get connected to potential business partners, importers, and buyers from across the globe.

Unlimited Benefits of Premium Listing

1. Unlimited Posts

Being a premium member, you are allowed to post an unlimited number of products, services & timeline post, avail digital marketing services for business, products & services.

2. Unlimited Contacts

Make an unlimited number of contact with your follows and even have email access to email leads of all your followers.

3. Top Priority Listings

Priority listing facilitates your company products and services to be exhibited on top other free businesses listed on the website.

a)  Get Connected Easily

It helps in prioritizing your business among the crew and lets the required persons find and get connected with you easily.

b) Create Strong Identity

The platform increases visibility to your business and lets you sustain strong identity for the company that enables you to receive more chances of getting more inquiries.

4. Digital Marketing

a) Inbuild Mass Message Service

Effective digital marketing services enable your company, products, and services to be efficiently recognized by users. With our B2B trading marketplace, you can send a mass message to all your followers. Additionally, you can communicate to all your followers at once and boost your advertising and marketing; you could send mass messages about your products, services, latest updates, promotional packages and many other things that lead to more inquiries and more revenue generation.

b) More Opportunity For Your Business

With premium service, company and its products and services get the high chance of being promoted in social media platform including digital marketing techniques. Therefore, premium members acquire more opportunity for their business and services to be viewed outside the platform hence would result in more traffic to the company and business.

Go Premium> Get access to more features and more adventure.

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Global Importers Directory- Smartest Way to Get International Recognition

Global platforms have increased business and trade practices all due to innovation in technologies which simplify communication practices.

Instead of traditional Import directory,  B2B Marketplace USA is a digital site where all importing companies are listed along with their wide category of products. From small or medium size importers can easily register their business to these digital import directories to get more and more sales.

Global platforms have increased business and trade practices all due to innovation in technologies which simplify communication practices. Every day, a new company emerged with an aim to acquire space and earn more and more profits through international trade opportunities available today for SMEs and MSMEs. However, the way ahead is not like taking a bite of cake. The market is so competitive hence the challenges ahead needs to be tackle skillfully. For such companies, Global Importers Directory proved to be a better option. These platforms are only fruitful for a new venture, but also possess many advantages for old small and medium size organizations as well.

Discussing the import directory, it contains all the significant data concerning import organizations. At present, these import directories have an essential influence in posting the product requested by the organizations. Generally, small companies don't have the appropriate resources to display the prerequisites in regards to the products that they require and in such scenario import business listing sites give them legitimate help to list the requested products.

With the assistance of these import directories, the merchants can likewise increase colossal benefits as this online business directory enable every one of the industry to get to different connections through which they can profit tremendous business with an extraordinary number of biggest countries all through the world. This is the best choice for both bigger and smaller organizations to get more acknowledgment offshore and also develop worldwide gratefulness for the items they are offering.

Here are the following advantages of registering a business on business to business websites:

- The catalog of products that the importing countries prefer to buy from other countries

- The list of goods and commodities that are imported to other countries

- Quality of the products preferred by the local people of the importing companies

- Recent marketing trends

- Ratings and prices of each commodity

So if you want to expand your business worldwide and want to attain a global recognition, then register your company on any prominent trade directory and enjoy as soon as possible.

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B2B Sites Keeps Your Company's Core Strong To Ease Client's Path-To-Purchase

Global B2B Directory here plays a significant role. B2B sites are an excellent platform to collect business data. These sites possess data from thousands of suppliers, manufacturers, buyers, wholesalers, importers, and exporters across the world. Any buyer of any industry like FMCG, Engineering, Agro, Retail, etc., can find and connect with manufacturers, wholesalers, etc., respectively.

Companies must understand what issues their clients are facing in the path-to-purchase if they want to remain in good standing with their customers. The Internet has provided buyers the power to embrace the abundance of options to make a wise buying decision. Though options are massive, it also brings challenges for buyers to find the right company providing the correct products/services as per their stipulation and budget.

However, the role of business to the business site doesn’t limit to data sharing. A seller/manufacturer/exporter/trader can opt for services of the Best Online Business Directory to define client’s path-to-purchase. “importandexports.com” is one among the pioneer business to business websites helping SMEs and MSMEs establish a business network with reliable peers. The site geared itself with advanced technology solutions which keeps business processing transparent and traceable.

The registered seller/manufacturer/exporter/trader took advantage of the digital marketplace and established their business in the local and international market. As the site is one stop destination for sellers and buyers, sellers can track purchase behavior of the buyers.

Buyers post their requirements on the market and ask for quotes from the vendors. This presents an opportunity for sellers to lock and make most of it. Traders can prepare and introduce the competitive quote to the shared buyer’s post.

Another way to define the client’s path-to-purchase is to pro-actively presents competitive rates/offers/discounts/etc. Keeping a close eye to buying behavior help you understand at which season or time of the year buyers actively share requirements.

For instance, before sun’s heat starts bothering to people, a wholesaler/exporter of fabric/clothes can post discounts/competitive rates on the summer apparels. Likewise, before winter wave knocks to doors, offers and budget prices on winter garments like jackets, etc., can be offered.

As the importandexports is a pool of Global B2B Directory around the world, finding the potential and reliable business peer is convenient and faster. As the website serves many other non-paid and paid services to increase your company’s visibility as well as products/services, go ahead with the site. Make it a core of your business operation and business static and start making a good profit with essential business networks.   


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Excel in USA Market with Free Online Business Directory

"importandexports.com" is one such Free Online Business Directory with more than 10 million registered companies around the world. We are providing world's most convenient, easiest, cost-effective, and efficient way to promote and flaunt your products and services.

The Internet has emerged as a powerhouse of information and enables individuals as well as businesses to opt the required knowledge at anytime and anywhere. Rapid digitization and advancement in business arena make it an inevitable choice for every company adopt new trends and tactics in order to attract new customers and retain old clientele. There B2B portals which provide a practical choice to businesses to communicate with each other and foster trade activities conveniently. These platforms crop up massive trade opportunities like selling or buying products and services in varied sizes.   

With the emergence of Business and services directory in the USA, the conventional methods of doing business have changed drastically and more and more businesses are listing themselves on these portals. This innovative way of doing business allows registered companies to lure new business opportunities beyond boundaries. Business and service listing websites have turned obsolete cheap and easy way to get quick returns and emerge in international trade efficiently.

"importandexports.com" is one such Free Online Business Directory with more than 10 million registered companies around the world. We are providing world's most convenient, easiest, cost-effective, and efficient way to promote and flaunt your products and services. Our B2B portal for Suppliers is an ideal platform to look for a different category in business with several subcategories to list your best quality products in order to attract potential buyers/sellers for it. Being technology-based company, we have been consistently updating our website with the best and modern business tools that help our registered members grow and prosper like never before.

Whether you are in the industries like chemicals, electrics, energy or in an environment or providing business services, selling apparel, computer or Argo products, "importandexports.com" has a bundle of opportunities for all. This is an ideal business to business website for small as well as large-scale companies looking to reach the zenith of success in the business sector.

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Capitalize on business opportunities without any investment with a reputed B2B Marketplace.

Technology and technology based features & services like Online B2B Marketplace, proven as a gam

Technology and technology-based features & services like Online B2B Marketplace, proven as a game changer for businesses. Over the last few years, B2B websites have had a huge impact on businesses’ development. Local Directory Listing in India, free registration membership, access of endless database of companies of a different market, and so many options are provided to accomplish one common goal i.e. to assist SMEs and MSMEs in the development. The World Wide Web-based business to the business platform is the pool of thousands to millions of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, traders, exporters, and importers. Many Best B2B Marketplace is getting ground to flourish is because of the immense use of the internet.

As it has become possible to access the internet from every chore of the world, buyers and sellers across the globe can keep connected with each other to flourish their business needs. Buyers can post all sorts of buying request online. They can also search the potential sellers or suppliers for the product or service that would be needed with the free access of local directory listing in India. B2B portal facilitates separate column for the free product/service listing as well as company listing. Moreover, the product/service listing is further categorized application wise and companies are categorized industry wise. This online feature saves a lot of time in searching the right suppliers supplying goods you are looking for.

Business listing Directory provides buyers a wide supplier database on the doorstep. Though there are many B2B portals mushrooming now and then, it’s “importsandexport.com” one can rely on to genuinely attain success as they dreamed off. Once you post your business request on this B2B marketplace, it would visible to the global suppliers also. The website has millions of active online users with whom you can expand the network and creating good business deals.  This would bring you the opportunity to carry out buying and trading beyond boundaries without trouble.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your business registered at “importsandexport.com” and start getting sales.   


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How to Plan a B2B Product launch Marketing Strategies

Import The concept of planning and management is essentialwhen it comes to set up product launching in B2B

The concept of planning and management is essential when it comes to set up product launching in B2B portal. There should e target which you want to achieve. It is very difficult to run a business without any effective planning and management. We need to focus on how we can energize our concept of business. You need to adopt 5 important marketing planning which can endorse your product efficiently.  There are few important points which need to be followed for a successful B2B Product launch marketing

Business goal: - You need to decide a business goal which is conducted by implementing the most effective marketing strategies to enforce the development of commercializing benefits. Well, we have so many custom marketing strategies which reflect the vast possibility of accomplishment in business goal. Have a look at these marketing strategies:-   

Ø  Strategies and brandings: - We need to decide where should be the positioning of our product, in which market the necessity of our product is needed usually. The market research is very useful to conduct this method. That will definitely help us to prepare great forum for our product listing. Our products have to be filtered with an efficient creative identity, so that people feel different about it.      

Ø  Demand generation: - Demand generation totally depend upon four major factors and that are (a) product launches (b) Competitor marketing’s (c) Customer loyalty (d) sales support. We need to monitor deeply these four factors and work according to them. It is very important to generate your product demand in order to imply great revenue process in your business.

Ø  Events: - Nowadays events are very useful to endorse your product. We can promote our products on trade shows, fare, conferences, special events and all that. It will surely fetch vast no of audiences for our business. This is one of the best ways to advertise your business in physical markets.

Ø  Content Development: - Create an effectual content development for your product; you can organize an organization presentation that can easily grab the attention of customers. The video and demonstration presentation creates a good atmosphere for your product awareness. It will help people analyze a case study of your business product, the more they are aware of your product, and the more they will be interested to invest in it.      

Ø  Web marketing:- Everyone knows the power of the internet and social media. With the reference to this digital world, it is better to be present in the web world. So it is better to develop a great website which can informative of your business. Develop your product promotion various social media channel with the help of search engine optimization, social media optimization, pay per click, Google ad sense and much more.

Ø  Public Relations and advertisement: - Electronic and print media has the gigantic effect on masses, thousands of products are launching day to day. So you should appoint and PR advertisement company that can emphasize the awareness of your products and business benefits to the people time to time, and it will maintain the curiously of  your business in the people’s mind              


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Why B2B portal is important for business?

Gone are the days when you used to do business in conventional method. In the past people used to pr

Gone are the days when you used to do business in conventional method. In the past people used to promote their business through telephone directory. Because it was best way to get leads of customers.   Nowadays almost every type of business can be discovered online today. Not any longer, the Internet has altered the whole thing. More buyers are searching for organizations on the web. The Internet has now replaced its worth which has been conducted by the telephone directory in the past and it is the most ideal approach to explore local business opportunity

Online B2B trade portal help you to find customers

Few decade ago it was very simple to get listed your business in telephone directory. But online business listing is totally different. As we have observed that there was only one telephone directory for business listing. But on the contrary you can find the unlimited online forum to list your business. There are sop many benefits of getting listed your business in online B2B trade portal like you can find your suitable buyer, match with your requirements. Get thousands of customers. It will definitely boost up your business and its nature. The availability of online services has created a favorable atmosphere for business expansion. Undoubtedly internet has the great importance in the recent time; there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know about internet. The significance of digital world is calculated when you see that even a small vendor is curious to adopt the new technology and online marketing tactics. Moreover on the web you are easily capable to find important data for your business lead. And it automatically navigates your business over almost all the search engines. The more your online business listed on the various B2B channels, the more it will get the credibility and revenue.

B2B portal can enhance your audiences

When you are listed in any global manufacturer directory then you can assure yourself to be safe and secure as you can have the facility to choose your genuine buyers who actually interested in your business. Furthermore your business is verified. The impact of online presence of your business will definitely enhance the market capitalization and goodwill.    Additionally online business directories have extended its occurrence in local and national as well as in worldwide portion. Here each business can get extraordinary introduction regarding district, gatherings of people, clients and so on. It doesn't make a difference whether the span of your business is little or huge, the truth of the matter is that is an astonishing chance to relate your business enthusiasm to the world economy with the goal that it won't just create business relations to the universal level  but it will additionally create overall visibility  of your business. 

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How to choose the most effective strategy for my business?

The Business Directory listing is also the Indian exporter’s directory as it has endless listings fo

The Business Directory listing is also the Indian exporter’s directory as it has endless listings for all kinds of business men. It is a giant online mechanism that has started the new era of online marketing.

There are various marketing strategies in today’s times. We will now see what these strategies are and how are they different from the online business directory marketing strategy:

Inbound marketing: Inbound marketing involves calling customers personally on their smart phones to sell them the product. This can be a good way as it proves to be a directly targeted effort to market ones business. The customer might show interest and buy your goods. Yet, as compared to the online business directory, do you think that this is a fool proof method? No, this marketing strategy is a very expensive method as it involves hiring personnel who will do the calling for you. You will have to pay for premises, phone call bills, and huge salaries. Now look at the online directory! All you have to do is subscribe free of cost and it will spin money for you by marketing your business online. Why would you go for a call centre expense when you have a free tool, the directory!

News letter marketing: Thus method involves distributing your company’s newsletter with latest happenings to your customers. The customer will read and feel inspired to buy from you. Thus you can use it as a good marketing strategy. Again, we can take a look at the online business directory. The news letter might not reach the customer or they might not want to spend their precious time reading long jargon. Thus, this proves to be ineffective. Whereas the online directory doesn’t involve writing long write-ups, it is more of direct marketing to those who have taken the first move to search for your company or surf the internet. Plus it is totally cost effective being free of cost.

Event marketing: Events are always a catchy way to involve customers. Festivals can be used to bring them to the shops and events with a theme can increase the footfall at your business doorstep. People want a reason to shop and events are a great way to inspire them. But the fact remains that not everybody can afford to create an event for their customers. It is an expensive affair with the need to involve personnel at every level. The online directory doesn’t involve that kind of money and management. Just your presence online on the directory portal is enough for you to be known around town and worldwide. What more can you ask for!

Tradeshow marketing: This can prove to be an easy way to market given the in fact that it easily lures consumers who have a big pocket. Thus it ensures great profit or returns. Of course it involves huge investments which are not feasible for the small business man. His only recourse would be the online b2b directory which will bring him business more than any tradeshow because of his online presence on the portal. Thus he will truly benefit this way.

The best Business Directory listing has proven its credentials as the most sought after Indian exporter’s directory as it has so many salient features that make it score above other marketing strategies. Strategies should be planned and executed with precision and this is just what the online business directory facilitates. So go ahead and plan your marketing strategy with the confidence that you will win!!

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How does the online directory facilitate business in today’s times?

The B2Bbusiness platform is well rewarded by the Business directory supplier directory as this tool

The B2B business platform is well rewarded by the Business directory supplier directory as this tool ensures successful business deals. Business transactions get a major boost with the online directory producing great results.


Today we will look at some very pointed definitions of the term business and see how the online portal is indispensable for good business.

Definition of the term “business”:


Definition # 1: “An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit”. (As quoted from businessdictionary.com)


Definition # 2:” An organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. A business can be a for-profit entity, such as a publicly-traded corporation, or a non-profit organization engaged in business activities, such as an agricultural cooperative”.(As quoted from investopedia)


Definition#3:”a person, partnership, or corporation engaged in commerce,manufacturing, or a service; profit-seeking enterprise or concern”.


The above being apt definitions for business we will now look at some very relevant quotations that will explain the term business and how does the online portal play a role towards building of business:


Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them”. W. Edwards Deming


Business is built through customers coming again and again to buy from you. This means that a onetime effort to market your business is not enough. You have to constantly keep at it. This proves to be a very expensive affair unless you have the b2b directory online which will market your business free of cost.


Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art”. Andy Warho


Business has to be done by an expert. You are the expert here and our expertise will get wings through the online business directory thus giving direction to your marketing strategy.

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows”. Aristotle Onassis


Business is a technique that not everybody knows and the online directory gives success and results that no other marketing tool gives. Thus it is essential to subscribe to it to reap successful results.

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else”. Sam Walton

The customer is the deciding factor for the success of a business. So to keep the customer chain going higher and deeper you can use the online directory tool to do this. You will be amazed at the results that are quick and profitable too.

The common question that gets asked in business is, 'why?' That's a good question, but an equally valid question is, 'why not?' Jeff Bezos

The question ‘why’ is so important because you need to ask yourself why will the customer buy from you and why not. This will mark the bench mark for you and the online directory will help you determine your benchmark through its informative portal.

The B2B business platform uses the Business directory supplier directory for initiating new ventures and turning it into a money spinning machine. Those who understand the importance of the directory will surely benefit from it. Subscribe to it and see what it can do for you and your business!


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